Consultants are often highly motivated and ambitious individuals, and our motto, “Grow faster. With us.” acknowledges our commitment to helping you shape your career with us. Our promotions are based on individual performance, which is comprehensively reviewed approximately every six months. We don’t have a standard timeline for promotions or an up-or-out philosophy, so you and your performance determine how quickly you move up.

Partnership is open to any consultant at MM Marketing – individual performance and a demonstrated ability to continue to build the business are the criteria on which a promotion to partner is based. Partnership candidates undergo a thorough evaluation by several current partners. Based on this evaluation, all existing MM Marketing partners then vote on the extension of a partnership offer.

Many associates join us having already expressed interest in a particular field or industry. If you aren’t sure yet, that’s okay too. We’ll try to provide opportunities to work within different areas of our business to help you find the right fit. Our hope is that you feel comfortable with your career’s trajectory.

As you’re promoted, you’ll notice a shift in the focus of your work: from an emphasis on research and analysis to an emphasis on managerial tasks, such as leading a team and managing client relationships. Over time, you’ll also become increasingly involved in business development and internal matters.

From day one, you’ll be given a chance to assume a great deal of responsibility and freedom. “Grow faster. With us.” means that we’ll work to help you find a balance between tackling challenging projects and developing a solid foundation of tools and expertise.

Some associates join us after having spent some time in industry and/or consulting. Whether they then focus on a particular area of expertise they have already developed or broaden their focus at MM Marketing again depends very much on the individual and our needs.