Consumer and customer insight

In a customer-centric environment, understanding your customers and what they want, and then creating meaningful long-term relationships with them has become critical to establishing a sustainable competitive edge. Strategy&’s customer and consumer insight service offering helps clients move quickly from data to the insights, knowledge, and strategies that produce measurable results.

Demand paralytics
The role and power of data have evolved considerably. Our demand paralytics service offering can help you develop the capabilities to understand the data insights your business generates and harness these insights to be more efficient across different parts of your business.

Customer/Market segmentation
Many segmentation initiatives fall short of providing the insights companies need to differentiate products, tailor communications, and develop effective service models. We help clients analytically understand both the “what” and “why” of customer behavior, and then translate these insights into effective action plans.

Customer life-cycle/Relationship management
CRM can form the backbone of the sales and marketing organization, supporting the processes and paralytics necessary to achieve a true customer-centric focus. We work with clients to articulate the business case for CRM platforms and then to implement the new technologies, capabilities and organizational constructs needed to succeed.

Category management
The category management service offering helps companies take a disciplined approach to carrying out their customer strategies at the category level, by creating strong operational links between information about what customers want and the logistical requirements of meeting those needs.

Shopper marketing
One of the fastest growing advertising and promotion categories, shopper marketing requires the integration of a full range of capabilities — deep customer insights, powerful creative materials and scalable platform development. The shopper marketing service offering helps clients develop the strategies needed to achieve the full potential of this capability.