Our Marketing Competencies Challenges

Today, more than ever, marketing must play a role in achieving overall company objectives. CEOs across all industries are determined to get more from marketing—and to measure the results. This calls for more-thoughtful strategies, more-decisive allocation of resources, and sharper focus on execution capability. In this environment, marketers face several key questions:

  • How can we better align our marketing goals with the needs, objectives, and strategies of the overall business?
  • What is the best way to incorporate trends such as new media, Web 2.0 principles, and viral/word-of-mouth concepts into our marketing efforts?
  • How can we improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing activities?
  • How can we understand our “return on marketing investment” (ROMI) and adjust spend accordingly?
  • Can we look beyond ROMI to “return on commercial investment”—a broader view of spend on revenue-driving activities?
  • What internal capabilities are required to ensure best-in-class marketing execution?

MM MARKETING Competencies

MM’s Marketing topic experts leverage deep consumer and customer insights (across business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies) to help clients determine buying behavior, develop effective offerings across channels, and clearly present their offerings to customers. We work with companies—across all industries—to analyze ROMI and upgrade their marketing capabilities. These efforts are proven to improve the efficiency of marketing spend and increase sales.

Within Marketing, we cover a wide range of topics:

  • Determining segment potential and behavior
  • Business model and brand/product portfolio strategy
  • Marketing strategy and objectives
  • Marketing execution, including marketing effectiveness/ROMI
  • Marketing capabilities (organization, roles, and processes)

MM MARKETING provides best-in-class support to clients on marketing questions across all industries and countries. Our experience includes extensive work in financial services, technology, telecommunications, consumer goods, and retail.

Our global Marketing and Sales practice collects and disseminates our experience, best practices, frameworks, and approaches via a network of Marketing experts. This network includes more than 200 professionals with deep experience in marketing in more than 70 global offices.